Great People Work Here

LOCATION: Coal-Mac, Phoenix No. 4 Mine, Ragland, W.Va.
EDUCATION: Magnolia High School, Matewan, W.Va.; Class A CDL license

EXPERIENCE: Prior to joining Arch Coal through Coal-Mac in 1995, I worked for my father’s trucking company and another coal company

CURRENT JOB DESCRIPTION: I’m what’s known as a “fill-in” man. I work the jobs of those who are off work or have to leave for the day. With the exception of one or two pieces, I can operate every type of Coal-Mac’s mining equipment.

OBSERVATIONS: There’s a lot to like about Arch’s Coal-Mac operation. It’s a friendly, accepting place; the employees make you feel like family. Coal-Mac also places a great emphasis on safety. The Maintenance Department keeps our equipment in superb condition through a practice called preventive maintenance. This is where you take a piece of equipment and service it on a scheduled date – even if it’s running fine. These efforts won Arch two national awards in 2010 for best practices in maintenance.

I’m very proud of our reclamation practices. Coal-Mac’s reclaimed areas are beautiful and filled with every kind of mountain wildlife – deer, bears, coyotes, turkeys, geese and duck, to name a few. We’ve won several national awards for our efforts and that reinforces the positive legacy we’re leaving to our grandkids.
I know that Arch Coal strives to be a good neighbor. Coal-Mac is very involved in the community. If there is a flood or some other kind of need, we show up to lend a hand. One example is the homecoming in Delbarton each year. Coal-Mac sends us down to spray all the streets beforehand, so the town will be clean and inviting. It feels good to work for a company who truly cares about citizenship and doing the right thing.

AFTER HOURS: My wife and I have a son and a daughter. I volunteer as a high school football coach and enjoy riding ATVs and fishing.