Manti High School’s Wayman Receives Arch Coal Achievement Award

RICHFIELD, Utah (May 2, 2012) –“The goal I have for all of my students is that they will be able to use what they learn in my class no matter what they do with their lives,” says Gerald T. Wayman, who teaches woodworking and drafting at Manti High School.

“From what they learn in my class, I hope they can become wise home-buyers and homeowners who know how to do necessary repairs and improvements,” Wayman adds. “I have been teaching in public schools now for 24 years, and I still love it!”

Today his longstanding love and devotion were recognized and rewarded. Wayman was among only five Utah teachers to receive a 2012 Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Award. Arch Coal Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Lang made the announcement at Red Hills Middle School in Richfield. He was accompanied by Utah Education Association Executive Director Mark Mickelsen. This is the sixth year the Arch Coal Teacher Achievement Awards have been made in Utah.

“Gerald Wayman’s teaching philosophy is to show a personal interest in every student,” says Lang. “He visits daily with students, discussing their projects and complimenting them on accomplishments. Gerald makes it a point to show he believes in their abilities so that they have the confidence to try new things, to challenge themselves and to succeed.”

Kjirsten Howe relates a personal account that demonstrates Wayman’s dedication: While taking Wayman’s class, her son, Jansen, built a mantle for the fireplace. Unfortunately, when it came time for installation, it did not fit. “Sadly, we put the beautiful oak mantle in the garage, where it sat collecting dust,” recalls Howe.

At Christmas break the next school year, she received an unexpected call from Wayman. Even though Jansen was no longer his student and Wayman was on holiday, he asked if he could come over and help put the mantle in place. The job soon was completed, with Wayman encouraging Jansen throughout the process and praising him for his work. “Now, anyone who comes into our house inevitably admires our beautiful oak mantle,” says Howe. “I not only see my son’s fine craftsmanship, but also a skilled teacher who builds confidence in his students, one project at a time.”

“I pride myself on being enthusiastic and positive at all times,” says Wayman. “I believe this makes me a more effective teacher, and I know that this attitude influences my students as well. Participation from everyone is very important to me, and I make sure no one is excluded,” he adds. “When students work together on a project, they all gain cooperation, communication and social skills and a sense of pride when they accomplish the project.”

Wayman earned an associate degree at Snow College and a bachelor’s degree at Utah State University. During his teaching career, he has taught and/or coached about 5,400 students, learned nearly 20 new software programs, earned 72 post-graduate credits and attended about 67 educational workshops. Wayman also has served on three accreditation committees and established two new drafting programs. He teaches the skills and tools used by professional craftsmen; challenges students to engineer their own projects; and provides fields trips to unique homes and building projects. His students build the stage sets for school plays and the junior prom and annually display their projects, with a professional cabinet maker judging them and awarding prizes. All of his classes offer concurrent enrollment credit, and he has students present oral reports on new construction materials and methods. Wayman further supports his community in numerous capacities, often involving his students in enhancement opportunities as well.

The Arch Coal Foundation’s teacher recognition program is available to classroom teachers in Carbon, Emery, Sanpete and Sevier counties. The counties surround the Skyline, Dugout Canyon and Sufco mines operated by Canyon Fuel Company, a subsidiary of major U.S. coal producer Arch Coal, Inc. Each recipient receives a distinctive trophy, a classroom plaque and a $3,500 personal, cash award.

Partners for the program include the Office of the Governor, Utah State Office of Education, Utah Education Association, Utah School Superintendents Association, Carbon County School District, Emery County School District, Sevier County School District, North Sanpete School District, South Sanpete School District, Far West Bank, Market Express, radio stations KMTI, KLGL, KMGR, KSVC, KCYQ, KOAL, KARB, KRPX, and both TacoTime and Bookcliff Sales in Price.

U.S.-based Arch Coal, Inc. (NYSE:ACI) is a top five global coal producer and marketer, and the most diversified American coal company, with more than 20 mining complexes across every major U.S. coal supply basin. In 2011, Arch continued to lead the U.S. coal industry in safety performance and environmental compliance among large, diversified producers. Arch’s Canyon Fuel Company is Utah’s largest coal producer and a large, state employer, with a workforce of more than 750.