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Arch Coal's Innovative Teaching Grants Program

The Arch Coal Foundation introduced its Innovative Teaching Grants Program in 2007 to benefit teachers and students near the West Elk mine in Delta County, Colo. It has operated successfully since then. Delta teachers have had amazing ideas that received grant support, including one that won a national award, and others that have ranged from building boats to finding new ways to teach students with special needs.

Again this year, the Foundation will grant up to $10,000 to K-12 teachers and certain other education personnel in Delta County's schools to create and to test innovative teaching ideas in classrooms during the 2014-2015 school year.

"This program provides funding for teachers who have ideas they wish to try in their classrooms to improve student learning,” says Jim Miller, general manager of Arch Coal’s West Elk mine. “This online booklet provides an overview of some of the programs, so that the ideas may be shared across all of Delta County and beyond. It is an excellent resource for Delta teachers who may wish to duplicate a successful program in their classrooms or learn about a program that was less successful and why."

"The grants offer our teachers opportunities to be successful and enhance learning while utilizing the best community, business and classroom collaboration,” says Caryn Gibson, superintendent of Delta County’s schools. “The program allows teachers to be creative and enrich learning. The grants encourage teachers to believe in their dreams and provide their students with challenging and comprehensive experiences. Our district is very appreciative and delighted to be a part of a program that gives teachers opportunities to enhance learning."

Awards are limited to $500 each. Eligible teachers, teaching teams and specialized education personnel in Delta County may apply for one award every school year. A committee comprising area residents and local employees reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the Arch Coal Foundation for grant recipients.

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